2018 március 23.
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Fotó: CLS Architetti

3d nyomtatott ház a Milánói Design Héten

Massimiliano Locatelli | CLS Architetti, in collaboration with Italcementi Heidelberg Cement Group, Arup and Cybe for Milano Design Week 2018, presents a project for a house of 100 square meters, 3d printed on site, at Piazza Cesare Beccaria. 

A research project on the possibilities offered by 3d printing in the field of sustainable architecture, responding to the increasingly urgent revolution in the world of housing. 
3D HOUSING 05 is a house designed with a new architectural language developed thanks to a revolutionary technology. 

3D HOUSING 05 CREATIVITY design freedom, where traditional constraints disappear and the material can be easily shaped. This freedom permits a new relationship between the client and the architect.

fotó@CLS Architetti 

SUSTAINABILITY during construction the house has low environmental impact. It is molded with a special mixture of cementitious powders, aggregate and binders, and in the future it can be demolished, pulverized and reconstructed with the same material. The aggregate can come from local soil, to avoid transport and to blend into the hues of the context. 

kép @CLS Architetti

FLEXIBILITY the house can be easily expanded, raised, doubled, even moved to a new location, with zero impact thanks to technology used in an innovative way. The system changes the relationship betwe- en the inhabitant and the artifact. 

AFFORDABILITY reduction of construction costs opens up infinite possibilities: to provide housing for 1.2 billion people in the world lacking suitable shelter, to rapidly build housing units at emergency sites, to create houses by contemporary visionaries in the most exotic places – even on Mars. 

RAPIDITY the house is printed quickly, producing 100 square meters in one week. 3D HOUSING 05 establishes a dialogue with the context, interpreting economic, human, social and productive changes in the contemporary world.

fotó@CLS Architetti 

3D HOUSING 05 is composed of a living area, a bedroom area, a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace roof. The interiors have been designed with reference to archetypes of the past, in a dialogue with the 3d language. 
The concrete composite – the basic construction material – is juxtaposed with equally strong and timeless materials: the brass of the window frames, the marble of the bath fixtures, the smoothed plaster as one of the possible wall finishes, the sheets of polished brass for a reinterpreted industrial kitchen. 
The stratification of the concrete generates a pattern, a surface on which climbing plants can grow spon- taneously, reaching the roof which becomes an urban garden. The project comes from the desire to think about our future, to improve quality of life through the revolution of technology.

A CLS Architetti építésziroda Milánóban.  

Italcementi, leader in the Italian cement market for more than 150 years, has played an important role in developing the country since its foundation, thanks to its ability in launching innovative products and provi- ding solutions for the entire building community. Italcementi is now part of HeidelbergCement Group, the world leading player in the vertical integrated supply of building materials which counts more than 62,000 employees in more than 3,000 production sites located in 60 different countries in 5 continents. Even in this new and larger international context, Italcementi is able to preserve its industrial and cultural identity, both symbols of quality and innovation. 

“Italcementi, innovative by tradition in building materials, is nowadays also a leader in the 3D printing mar- ket. The company has been playing an important role in the progress of Italy through the development of materials and application in Italy since its foundation more than 150 years ago. After presenting biodynamic cement for the building of at Expo 2015, Italcementi is currently contributing to development of 3D housing, the first 3D house in Italy, providing know-how, solutions and performances resulting from all the researches carried out in i.lab, Italcementi’s product innovation center located in Bergamo. Italcementi, which is now part of HeidelbergCement Group, aims at offering a new opportunity to the cement’s market: the develop- ment of a new “building” culture, a planning and designing system based on digital technologies which invol- ves all parties such as architectures and design firms, construction companies, workforce, research centres and universities. The creation of a 3D Housing in the heart of Milan is the very first experimental application of this brand new approach.” 
Enrico Borgarello - Product Innovation Manager Italcementi - HeidelbergCement Group Press Contacts 

Arup is a global independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. From 90 offices in more than 40 countries our 14,000 em- ployees deliver innovative projects across the world with creativity and passion. From our Milan office we provided design and engineering consulting for the project. 

CyBe is an ambitious, award-winning tech company, established in 2013. We redefine construction by enabling 3d concrete printing accessible for all clients throughout the industry. We provide hardware - 3D printers - software, material to simplify the complex building processes. Furthermore, we guide the indu- stry through education, certification, and business development. For more information regarding our iconic projects and products contact us at CyBe.eu.

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