2016 november 23.

Arper: Tokyo Showroom Opening


“We are so honored to be here – says Claudio Feltrin, Arper President and CEO – we’ve always looked at the Japanese culture as a source of inspiration for our approach within our product collections design. Our design is the result of what we call the “pursuit of the essential”: simple, singular forms that aim to be timeless elegant.

Objects that feel spontaneous while being clearly the result of rigor and precision. This philosophy comes from a deep respect towards the Japanese culture, master of these values. At the same time Arper brand also deeply embodies the Mediterranean culture: vibrant colors, playful moods, creativity and family feeling belong to the Italian background and naturally blend with the design of our collections”.

Tokyo showroom represents a milestone for the company, that foresees the possibility of building a long lasting collaboration with the design community of Northern East Asia.

Arper Tokyo showroom will also be home to the company Arper Japan K.K., part of Arper Group. The local team within Arper will oversee the company’s sales and operations in order to serve at best markets of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Arper Tokyo showroom is located within the luxury and high-end design district of Aoyama. The two floors space is extended on 300 square meters and showcases the company’s unique vision, that blurs the boundaries between residential and work styles, featuring furnishing solutions that go beyond function alone and combine simplicity, flexibility and beauty.

source: press release






2016 január 19.

Ikrek hegye - Családi házak Budapest szélén

Az ikerség inkább erős kapcsolatot feltételez, mintsem egyformaságot, ha létezik egyáltalán az építészetben vagy az életben egyformaság. 

Telepi srác - Családi ház Kelenvölgyben

Szokott sétám közben szemet szúrt egy különös, érdekes épület: a környék szorosan egymás mellé épült családi házaitól merőben eltért.

2015 december 02.
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